Flu Season Peaking Soon? Who Should Get Vaccinated, Where to Go

Over the last 30 years February has been the peak of flu season more than any other month.

Flu season can last from October through March and causes mild to sever illness in thousands of Americans each year.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), February has been the peak month for flu activity in 14 of the last 31 years. Each year, Paramus offers vaccinations early in the fall to help prevent as many cases as possible.

With February, when the flu has peaked most often over the last 30 years, around the corner it’s time to get your vaccination if you haven’t already.

Flu shots are recommended for adults who suffer with such chronic conditions as heart disease, diabetes, kidney ailments or any condition which compromises respiratory function. Paramus Board of Health Director Judith Migliaccio recommends that Senior Citizens get the vaccination because this group is at high risk for complications from influenza.  

According to a northjersey.com report, Migliaccio said local hospitals have been reporting a higher volume of flu cases.

Migliaccio also recommended, to prevent the spread of influenza, that folks avoid close contact, cover their mouths, wash their hands and stay home when feeling under the weather, said the report.

You can find flu vaccinations at multiple locations around Paramus. Click here to see where vaccinations are available. 


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