Residents Look to Rent Homes for Thousands Super Bowl Week

Three homes have been listed as available for rent for Super Bowl season in Paramus. Take a look at what they're going for.

Credit: Super-Bowl-Rentalz.com
Credit: Super-Bowl-Rentalz.com

Thousands of opportunists from New Jersey and New York who live in proximity to MetLife Stadium are looking to make a buck by renting their homes during Super Bowl week.

Three Paramus homes, for example, are listed on Super-Bowl-Rentalz.com for a minimum of $2,500 per night.

A 3-bedroom home on Longview Court is going for $2,500 per night and is listed as available for up to 12 nights.

On Buckthorn Court, folks looking to come to town for the Super Bowl can rent a 5-bedroom home for $3,400 per night and is listed as available for 10 nights.

Last, and certainly not least, is a 4-bedroom home on Homestead Road that is listed at $5,000 per night and is listed as available for 11 nights or a cool $55,000. 

Ruth James January 28, 2014 at 10:52 AM
Wow, that is a crazy idea! I never would have thought to rent my home out for that much! I can't believe people are willing to pay that for just one night. Pretty incredible to me. Ruth James | http://www.sunflower-management.com/


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