Sneeze Rates Are Spiking! Where to Get Flu Shots in Paramus

Here's where to get an influenza vaccine, how to recognize symptoms and what to know about treatment if you get sick.

Flu season is here, and reports of people getting in the flu in New York City are spiking. But it's not as bad as last year. This time last year, flu cases were spiking much higher than they are now, according to data on Google's Flu Trends

If you're considering getting a flu shot, here are some places in Paramus that offer the vaccine:

  • Multipharma, Inc. at 600 Valley Health Plaza - Vaccines: Trivalent Flu Shot
  • CVS Pharmacy at 1000 Bergen Town Center - Vaccines: Varicella, Tdap, Td, Pneumococcal, MMR, Meningococcal, HPV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, High-Dose Flu Shot, Trivalent Flu Shot
  • Target at 900 Bergen Town Center - Vaccines: Trivalent Flu Shot ($28), High-Dose Flu Shot ($50), Intradermal Flu Shot ($28), Flu Nasal Spray ($35), Cell Based Flu Shot ($28), Pneumococcal ($75), Shingles/zoster ($220), Td ($55), Tdap ($64)
  • Stop & Shop Pharmacy at 859 N State Route 17 - Vaccines: Trivalent Flu Shot ($25), Varicella, Tdap, Shingles/zoster, Pneumococcal ($79.99), MMR, Meningococcal, HPV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Cell Based Flu Shot ($25), High-Dose Flu Shot ($65), Quadrivalent Flu Shot ($30)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers the following information:


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