Assemblyman: Paramus Residents' Concerns Over DPW Building Need to be Heard

Assemblyman Joseph A. Lagana asks Bergen County officials to consider the issues being raised.

Letter to the Editor:

Several Paramus residents have voiced to me their concerns regarding the Bergen County Department of Public Works building off North Fairview Avenue in Paramus. My constituents are objecting to the cutting down of trees and the lack of visual barriers between the site and nearby residential areas. Another issue these residents foresee is the impact that traffic from this new facility will have on their neighborhood.

While I applaud the County’s concession to exit traffic on its own property, I urge county officials to keep in mind the interests of the Paramus residents and how the presence of this facility will affect their quality of life. I would also like to commend Paramus Mayor Richard LaBarbiera for his leadership on this issue and his willingness to come to the table with the County and seek solutions. It is my sincere hope that a similar approach is taken on all sides.

It is true that the property belongs to the County and I acknowledge that they can implement their plans as they wish. However, the residents of Paramus have legitimate concerns which must be heard. I respectfully request that the county officials overseeing this project give those concerns due consideration. 


Assemblyman Joseph A. Lagana


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