Eighth-Graders Take a Slap-Shot, Fall Short Against Teachers at East Brook

The Puck Hogs represented the student body in an effort to defeat the East Brook teachers in an annual floor hockey game.

Credit: Provided by East Brook Middle School
Credit: Provided by East Brook Middle School

East Brook Middle School held its 12th Annual Teacher-Student Floor Hockey Game earlier this month and believe it or not, the teachers came out on top.

Physical Education teachers Marc Gregory and Brian Hay organized a floor hockey league for students in grades 5-8  and this year more than 100 students participated.

For a 3-month period, students played games in the early mornings and after school and after a hard fought playoff round The Puck Hogs, an eighth grade squad, won the right to compete against the “Teachers of East Brook.”

“Although the event did not see the Puck Hogs come out victorious, it was a valiant effort that entertained the standing room only crowd,” said an East Brook representative. “Congratulations to all the students, teachers, coaches, organists, guest referees, scorekeepers and fans that made this another successful annual event." 

The Puck Hogs roster is as follows:

  • Robbie Weiss
  • Nick Piccinnini
  • Jared Coyle
  • Anthony Licini
  • Ryan Licini
  • CJ Gennerelli
  • Martin Fuerte
  • Al-Tariq Dunson 

Leave a shout to the Puck Hogs for earning their chance to beat their teachers in the comments section below. 


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